Founded in 2006, as a transport agent, the company Wind Speed, had a gradual evolution towards a complete offer of services for its customers, having now their own fleet and storing spaces, for general and controlled temperature goods.

The most significant events of the company history are:

2006 Company registration and the beginning of cooperation with the German Group Heinloth
2007 The first truck was bought
2009 Acquisition of land in Victoria, 9000 sqm for offices and general goods warehouse;
2009 Refurbishment of the new location and transfer of the offices and fleet to Victoria, Aleea Uzinei, No. 6
2011 Beginning of the controlled temperature warehouse building
2015 Completion of the controlled temperature warehouse building and opening

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Latest News

  • Innauguration of our temperature controlled warehouse
    In December 2015 we opened a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled warehouse, fully compliant with EU standards and with a storage capacity of 1000 pallets. see details >>
  • We employ professional drivers
    Wind Speed employs professional drivers for intr-Community transport. For details, please get in contact see details see details >>
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